then YOU ARE very WRONG! 

follow this scientifically proven method newly Discovered that Thousands Of Nigerian Men And Women used to COMPLETELY REVERSED Their Type 2 Diabetes 

Dear Friend;


Are you tired of pricking your fingers everyday with painful and expensive needles?


Are you feeling more and more sluggish each day and dissatisfied with your sex life due to Erectile Dysfunction for men and painful inflammation for women?


Does it drive you nuts how much weight you’ve gained, despite all your best efforts to keep it off? No matter how hard you try, the medicine’s side effects just keeps making you add...


Are you constantly anxious and stressed about maintaining your weight, about tracking your blood sugar, about all the horror stories you’ve heard of people losing their eyes, legs and hands?


You're in luck, because you're about to find out how to break the grip of this sinister disease on your life...

Because Diabetes is a Terrifying Disease

It Starts Out So Simply.


You might have gained a bit of weight around your belly...that's not a big deal, right?


And the doctor says your blood sugar readings are pre-diabetic... That’s manageable, right? Medicine can control that? I’m sure that is what your doctor keeps telling you. 

And when the medicine fails, and the symptoms set in, what happens?

The constant tiredness...The increased thirst, coupled with the never-ending urge to use the bathroom?


You tell yourself so many lies. 

"Maybe one of these sounds familiar

“This is part of getting older.”

“This is just part of treating my diabetes. It’ll go away soon.” 

“This is how the medicine works. I have to get worse before I get better.”

“It’s only my leg, I can live without it.”


And eventually, you realize that this disease has spun out of your control, and the meds aren’t working like they used to.


And your doctor starts talking about “high-risk procedures”... Telling you that “we're at a critical point in your treatment”...Or maybe he sits you down one day and tells you...


There's no cure for this disease, and it’s going to kill you. It's not a matter of “if”, but a question of “when” this disease will kill you at this stage.”

Statistically, he’s not wrong 

And there are over 7 MILLION Nigerians today with pre-diabetes. This is a major precursor and untreated will become type 2 diabetes.

The Symptoms include...

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Exhaustion
  • Obesity
  • Increased thirst.
  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme hunger

Sounds Familiar?

Every 4 out of 5 diabetics will either: 

Be slowly and irreversibly poisoned as their kidneys fail,

Go permanently blind,

Need limbs amputated due to nerve damage, or

suffer from heart disease,

This is the number one killer of women in the Nigeria".

Diabetes Kills more people EVERY YEAR than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined, It shortens your life expectancy by 13.5 years, on the average.

And Yet Your Doctor Tells You There is ‘’No cure’’...

But In a Few Moments I’ll tell You How to Break Away From Diabetes.

But First, How Much Do You Really Know About This Disease?


Now, if you're reading this, you’re no doubt an intelligent and forward-thinking person...


Someone who's not willing to “just listen to the doctor's advice” and leave it at that.


Maybe you stumbled across this page on Facebook, or while searching for natural remedies for diabetes, or maybe you were told by a friend or loved one to check it out.

Regardless of how you got here, if you've read this far, you’ve proven yourself to be someone who isn’t willing to just lay down and accept their fate...


You've got the will to make changes. Now, all you need is a plan…


What if I told you that your doctor was wrong? That this doesn’t have to be your new normal. That you don’t have to wait for diabetes to kill you. You can get rid of it first.


Even better, what if I told you it could be easy… that there exists a clinically proven solution that can reverse your diabetes without ANY side effects?

So why are you only hearing about this solution now?


Your hospital and pharmaceutical companies are profiting from your disease…to the tune of over $245 billion a year

Take Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), one of the major pharmaceutical companies out there that makes your Insulin, this is what they have to say about diabetes on its website:

“Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease, which means you have it for life.

Although there’s no cure, you and your doctor can work together to control your blood sugar, which can help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes complications.

Managing type 2 diabetes over months and years can mean making changes in your treatment plan. Diet and physical activity may control your blood sugar at first, but you may need to take medicine down the road.

Over time, you may need to change medicines, or add medicines, to keep your blood sugar under control. You may even need to use insulin.”


In other words, GSK, like every other pharma company, is telling you that there’s no hope, and that the only way you can feel better is to take their drugs.

Seems a little biased, right?

Type 2 diabetes? 

Oh right... It's irreversible, they say, and you should keep taking their medications for the rest of your life.

Their slogan might as well be Buy until you die.


And really, from their perspective, why shouldn’t they be telling you that?


As I mentioned before, over $245 billion a year is forked over to Pharmaceutical companies & doctors for diabetes treatment.


To put that number in perspective, if you made these companies its own country, it would be the 49th richest country in the world JUST OFF DIABETES TREATMENTS, not including the billions it profits from “treating” other diseases.


Why would they ever eliminate such a huge cash cow by releasing something as hurtful to their business as a cure?

Or, for that matter, by admitting that their medications just DON’T WORK, and in some cases, can even make the situation worse!


They Don’t Want You To Find Out That You Can Reverse Your Diabetes!

This is a publication from Guardian Newspaper to show you the truth about how they are making money from your ailment


And, if you’re thinking right now that maybe the diabetes medications do help just enough to keep you alive, think again.


You see, the most common diabetes medications sold by Pharmaceutical companies and marketed by doctors keep your diabetes symptoms down temporarily... By pushing your pancreas to release more insulin.


But after some years it ends up increasing your insulin resistance and making you worse off in the long run.


So, not only are the drugs useless overall... They will actually do more damage in the long run! In fact, a large study done by the Duke School of Medicine, one of the few unbiased sources of research out there, showed that diabetes drugs are largely ineffective.


You might now be asking why doctors continue to prescribe these medications if they’re so ineffective. 


Simple, they don't know any better.

I Give You One Solution To Your Type 2 Diabetes?

Something you can take for the next 3 weeks and see amazing results from.

This product is really a break through product that has helped lots of Nigerians reverse type 2 diabetes easily

This product contains 8 essential antioxidant that boost the work action of the pancreas, improves insulin resistance and in turn reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

I call it the Diabetes Reversing antidote

How Do I Use This it?

There are 60 pills in the bottles.

You are to take one pill everyday preferably One Hour (1 hour) after breakfast and dinner.

Most of us will be quick to get just one bottle which is the one month plan.

Well, that is fine.

But let me announce to you that you have been indulging in unhealthy lifestyles for a very long time and your body might have gotten used to this condition.

Therefore, taking this supplement for just thirty (30) days which is the one month plan will only reduce your sugar level but will not totally reverse the condition.

Because your body needs time to build up immunity to this condition and repair itself.

It is a reversal supplement not a miracle drug!

Therefore it is advisable that you get the complete treatment plan like I did, which is for three (3) months.

So that the supplement will totally reverse your high blood sugar.






(SAVE: N=11,500)






(SAVE: N=10,500)


It is a reversal supplement not a miracle drug!

Therefore it is advisable that you get the complete treatment plan like I did, which is for three (3) months.

What else should I know?

The short version is that if your blood sugar level is dangerously high and you want freedom from the effects of diabetes, you should buy the Diabetacure right now!

Need more info? Here are more details about what makes the getting the Diabetacure amazing:

It’s 100% Natural

Diabetacure is formulated from natural herbs.

No chemical substances/preservatives added. No prescription is required.

It’s Guaranteed To Help

You only need to buy a 3-month dose which is all you need. After that, you only need to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Do you still think this is a false claim?

The Diabetacure has 90-Day money-back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose – except the risk of dying from uncontrolled/high blood sugar levels.

  • Free and Fast Delivery Nationwide

The company will deliver the product to you at the address of your choice anywhere in Nigeria at No Extra Cost.

See what others are saying

Testimonials From My Own Household

Trust me, I know how it feels to buy diabetes solutions that don’t work, I have been there.

I know how much damage this disease can cause to you and your family.

So, trust me when I say I can’t sell to you something that won’t work.

I still remember the phone call I received on March 9th that shattered my world… It was my dad calling me in tears, telling me that my beloved grandmother had passed away from Type 2 diabetes.

And that wasn’t the worst part…

Shortly after that, I learned that my dad’s health was falling apart due to HIS Type 2 diabetes…

And my uncle was showing signs of the disease, too.

This led me to ask myself two painful and frightening questions...

How many of my family members would this disease steal away from me...

And when would this insidious disease strike ME down?


You see, until my grandma died from this disease, I used to think she was just one of the millions of people who get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and could "treat" it with prescriptions and injections while living an otherwise normal life...


So when she was diagnosed, I really didn’t think it was a big deal.


Neither did my father when he started showing symptoms.


They both just took the medication their doctor recommended, and went on with their lives. And their health worsened, until they started taking these 2-in-1 diabetes crusher..


Although it was too late for my grandmother, today my father and uncle are more than just “ survivors” – they are both healthier than they have ever been in the past 30 years.


This is why I go about confidently selling this.


You Can Reverse Your Diabetes Today For Just.......






(SAVE: N=11,500)






(SAVE: N=21,500)


What would you give to have your life back again, without the fear and pain of diabetes?


To know that you’ll never have to stick yourself with a lancet ever again?

To be able to stop injecting yourself full of synthetic insulin?


To never again have to worry about going blind, or kidney failure, or having a heart attack with no one around to save you?

To finally stop taking all those ridiculously expensive diabetes drugs that don’t even work?


To be able to tell Pharmacies that they can’t have your money anymore?


To do all this while losing weight, looking younger, and having better sex than you’ve had in years?


Once you start the Diabetacure

You'll never have to look for another solution to Diabetes!


Imagine the look of shock on your doctor’s face…


When he tells you that your blood sugar is completely normal, just WEEKS after you were diagnosed with an “incurable” disease...


When he asks you, “How did you do this? None of the diabetes drugs are capable of this! What did you do?”


Me, personally?

I would pay 300, 000 naira to have that happen, and consider it a bargain compared to how much I’ll save on the drugs I don't have to buy for the rest of my life… Not to mention the happiness I've just bought myself!


How much would you give for this?

I've had clients tell me they would happily pay 150, 000 naira for this product.

But that's not the price you're going to pay today.

Today you can get this Solution for lower the Price.

This is NOTHING compared to what you are spending Now on Your Health.

Imagine this, you will be getting full treatment with less than 100,000 naira 

Consider all the cash and resources you have been spending, for just a moment...

You will agree that this is absolutely worth the investment.

1. It'll cover less than 0.1% of the average diabetic's yearly medical bills. An average diabetic will spend about 1.5 Million naira a year on medical bills. And that is for just one year ALONE out of all the years of your life. This will ensure that NEVER happens to you

2. The price of this solution is just a tiny portion of a caregiver salary for when, God forbid, your diabetes makes you go blind. The average caregiver costs 30,000 naira per month. Do the maths for 12 months!

3. It'll not even cover a fraction of your bills for the heart attack that you’re statistically likely to experience as your diabetes gets worse. The average heart attack in Nigeria costs approximately 20 million naira between the hospital bills, & drugs. Plus the stress you will pass your loved ones through.  

4. Or... it can buy you this 2-in-1 solution that will prevent ANY of these EVER happening!



"My Diabetes Condition almost sent me to an early grave. My BP was always high, I cant even walk for 15 minutes straight. My bedroom skill was poor which almost broke my 25 years marriage.

I thank God for this Diabetacure which has suddenly changed my life. My BP is down, my sugar leveL is down too. My health is like a 30 years old man. Thank God for this solution"

Dr. Ahmed Sodiq 

Senior Lecturer/Abuja


"I had suffered from My blood Sugar since I was 37 years old. I used the Bathroom like 22 times a day and  I was almost blind. My doctors kept packing medications for me which doesn't make my conditions any better.

Since I discovered this Diabetacure and I blindly followed its prescription for 3 straight month my Blood sugar went from 140-89 with 3 month and my health is back to normal"

Engr. Tony Ogundesi
Business man/Lagos


"My Type 2 diabetes was almost like a death sentence to me. Heavy breathing, blurred vision, always tired, Frequent urination and Frequent Thirst I experience all of that. I have spent over a million naira with medication since my diabetes started.  But today i am free

Dr. Matthew Osayi
Retired Bank Manager/Benin

So it is in your best interest to order before this limited quantity gets exhausted.






(SAVE: N=11,500)






(SAVE: N=21,500)


Wishing you a better and healthier life.

Dr, Akin.


  • I Have been suffering from Diabetes for more than 5 years Will it work for me?

It doesn’t matter how long you have had Diabetes. This formula has 8 antioxidants that naturally helps your body to boost the work action of the pancreas, improves insulin resistance and in turn reversing Type 2 Diabetes. We have testimonies of those who suffered from arthritis for more than 7 years.


  • Does this Diabetacure have any side effects?

If your’re asking about negative side effect then you have nothing to worry about. This Capsule  was carefully manufactured with pure natural ingredients and it has no negative side effect on the human body. This has been tested and confirmed by the FDA.

  • How exactly do I use this Diabetacure?

Take One Capsule of in the after One Hour (1 hour) after Breakfast and Dinner. 

  • How Do I order for this Diabetacure?

To order all you have to do is click on the order now button and it will lead you to an order form where you’ll provide your correct details.

  • How do I Receive my package?

Once your order is confirmed we will ship out your product immediately and our delivery agent will bring it to the address you provided on the order form. In other words it will be brought to your doorstep.

  • How Long will it take to be delivered?

Once your order is shipped out it will take withing 48 hours to be delivered anywhere in the country.

  • How do I pay for my package?

You only pay for your package at the point of deliver. When our delivery agent brings the product to you then you pay directly to him.  We do cash on delivery only.






(SAVE: N=11,500)






(SAVE: N=21,500)


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